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Welcome to South Carolina Hypnosis and NLP!
We offer coaching, training and education for a plethora of issues. Our focus and goal is to facilitate self help, comfortably, simply and easily.

Hypnosis and NLP Can Work for You
Let Hypnosis and NLP Help You Through Problems or Issues so You Can Get the Results You Desire. Hypnosis and NLP techniques have been and are being used to assist people in making changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Remember that our thoughts (internal language) and the language we use everyday creates our reality. You can learn to eliminate unproductive, unwanted behaviors while you learn how to take charge of your thoughts. You can end those old automated patterns and set your productive, desired direction. This not therapy; it is brain/mind training, coaching and education. As trained professional consultants, we will guide and assist you to move beyond limitations and find solutions quickly and effectively.

Hypnosis and NLP is Different from Traditional Therapy
The good thing about the past is that it is over. Our very experienced team doesn’t spend time delving into the past looking for some deep hidden meaning or the “why”, the cause” or the reason, not even the origin. Because, as Dr. Dave Dobson, legendary hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer has often said, “Dwelling on and talking about your problems only makes you an even greater expert on your problems”. Our work is different from traditional councilors and psychotherapists in how we interact with our clients. We are not saying that the traditional approach is is just different compared to how we work. There are people who achieve results no matter what field it is. What we do is neither medical, therapy nor is it alternative; it is complimentary. In fact some of our consultants have worked with and under direction of doctors and their patients utilizing Hypnosis.

Our Approach Is Direct
We tackle the issue head on. And treat you as the unique individual you are. We use the many techniques of NLP and Hypnosis for effective, rapid results and to help you to set directions for yourself, both now in the present, and for your future that are positive and powerful for you. We assist you both consciously with NLP techniques and unconsciously with Hypnosis and suggestion, as we offer you many resources. You will no longer use automated thinking or behaving, but be able to have more flexibility in your thinking and behavior while enjoying the freedom of choice. We do a combination of coaching, education and training.

Many issues can take only 1 one-hour session but more complicated ones may take more. We want you to feel welcome to browse through our site and call or email.

We are happy to speak with you.

Serving the markets of Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, Sumter, Rock Hill, Camden, Newberry, Florence, Irmo, Lexington, Myrtle Beach, Anderson, Easily, Clemson, Seneca, Augusta and Charlotte.

Phone: (803) 622-9844
7801 St. Andrews Rd. Irmo SC 29063